Thursday, January 22, 2009


So this guy got me a hook up on some of those fancy "new" "Leovinci" pipes that came in a Technigas bag. They apparently came from the same European source that Treats got them from, mintues before Benji called and ordered the rest of them. So I've got it installed on my Hobbit. It used to go 27mph, now it spins out to about 35 and accelerates like crazy. Unbeliveable that a pipe makes such a difference on a bike, such a popular bike at that, and manufactureres just wouldn't make them anymore. It mounts up very nicely, the welds look solid. I also went ahead and put in some Boysen reeds for stock cylinders and went on a belt finding mission tonight, I came very close to finding one exactly the same size, but ended up with one 1mm smaller. It seems to work fine so far, it fits and the bike starts much better than with my old stretched out belt. It is a Goodyear 17425 also called 13AV1080. I'm curious how long it will last. What are other hobbit owners using? The next mod to this bike will be opening up the variator just a tick, notching it for a little extra speed and perhaps jumping down a few g's on the weights. My reservation is to keep the bike at +80mpg, so I think I'll start keeping track for the next week or so and find out what I'm getting.


bbarrans said...

is that first pic supposed to be of Travis and Treaty Pie?

Philip Patrie said...

Of course, Travis magically produced a pipe for me!

Max said...

I'll produce anything for you, Nut Master. Glad that pipe worked out so well for you!