Saturday, January 31, 2009

Magnum X3

I got my fairing painted up, as you could tell by the lats post and mounted it. I trimmed the wind screen with a bit of gold which helps it blend with the bike a little better. I don't think you can get a perfect match for the brown gloss metal flake of Puch, but it's pretty close and I think it looks quite rad. It really looks good with a Monza dash, and I love having two needles to watch move around, even though they are both quite pointless. Shay - I guess you can be the judge if it's worth it or not for a fairing, it's all asthetics and it fits well with the look I'm going for, but they do break quite easily, the first time you lay it down it will bust, so caution there.


Shay said...

haha, who said i was going to lay it down??

seriously though, it looks rad, nice work on the paint. i probably will go ahead and pick one up next week or something. i dont have that front trim piece for my dash either and it'll help hide the rats nest that tends to accumulate under there.

Zack said...

can you remount your plate? it looks like it sticks out wayyy to far.