Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hobbit !

So this is my first time cleaning a hobbit carb, and i found it to be not too difficult. I chose the method of removing the engine mount bolt and then raising the front wheel. This worked quite well and was very stable since the kickstand was still solidly planted. It isn't too bad at all. The carb was a little dirty, but also full of all kinds of tiny holes that are begging to be clogged and were.
A little bit of carb cleaner and some tiny wire later, it was all clean. Even with the broken throttle kill switch, I had nice blue spark, so I pedaled over to the gas station and dropped in nearly a gallon of gas in the tank. The tank doesn't hold a gallon, as you hobbit owners may know and I made a nice mess at the gas station. It fired right up and after adjusting the cable on the carb to idle correctly, it behaved quite nicely. The bike has crazy torque for a stock bike and winds out to about 28mph, which I assume is about right. I didn't notice if it had points or CDI, but there is a small CDI looking box so I'm curious. Maybe I'll pull the flywheel cover, or maybe someone more knowledgeable can tell me. I've also been fortunate enough to get one of those out-of-production Proma Circuit pipes in the mail on its way to the USA. I'm thinking pipe, upgraded reeds, and notch and lighten the variator and call it good for now. I'm going for 38mph with good acceleration and 80 mpg. I love this Hobbit, it reminds me a lot of my first 50cc, a yellow Honda Express.


Josh said...

Between Travise and Naz, there should be very few Hobbit questions, unanswered.

Shay said...

i'd love to get ahold of a 'lil hobbit.