Thursday, January 29, 2009

Apartment Living

So I don't have a garage anymore that I can set up a paint booth in, and it's too cold to paint outside (for the paints sake, not for mine!) so where does an apartment dweller paint? The perfect solution! Bathrooms make good paint booths for these reasons
  • Well ventilated, exhaust fan blows the smell out
  • Enclosed area keeps the fumes from spreading around the whole house
  • Well lit - Most modern bathrooms have nice heat lamps making it easy to see and help the paint cure
  • The bathtub is an easy place to mask off and any over spray dust will wash away
  • The shower curtain rod makes a great and easy place to hang parts between coats
So I'm shooting my magnum fairing at the moment, and it's turning out quite well. It's as close to stock brown as I can easily get and I'm going to trim it out with a matching gold paint. We will see how it looks, pictures soon.

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Shay said...

are those fairings worth the 90 bucks?