Monday, January 19, 2009


The maxi-taxi had a short stop the other day and played tag with another moped and went for a slide. Luckily the riders involved were okay, and the bikes came out relatively fine. The maxi, since it decided to do the snowplowing got it's front forks bent in, but after we removed the front fender for spark plug boot clearance, we were rolling again. I attempted to straiten the forks out today, and ended up making it worse (which is usually the case). I tried using ratchet straps to gently pull them into place, but that was no good. I strapped the bike down and then used a puch baffle for a cheater and bent the outer fork, which worked well, but the inner forks are still totally kinked. So I tried to get the forks all the way straight and ended up really tweaking the center plate of the triple tree, so I just decided I would go for a new set of forks. Luckily, Brad was nice enough to hook me up with a stock set of maxi forks on the cheap. So I need to pull them apart and mail them off to powdercoat by my favorite moped shop in the whole world, Motion Left Mopeds. I'm kind of tired of the Maxi-Taxi, and I'm curious if I should maybe just part it out, I think she's worth as much dead as alive. I could get a few hundred for the motor and some change for the wheels and frame, so who knows. I'm getting a Circuit pipe for my Hobbit, it should arrive any day. I want to go 80 on my Magnum, but I'm a little on the broke side right now, so that needs to wait until I sell my Vespa. All in all, it's kind of nice to have moped work to do again, as long as I have a running bike to ride in the meantime.

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