Thursday, November 13, 2008

I got a ticket!

Did you ever see those 3 wheeled police parking enforcement cars in Seattle and wonder if you could out run them? Well, you can’t. They are fast. Much faster than a kitted moped.

That doesn’t have anything to do with the ticket I got today, but the other day I saw one parked one stopped at a light and the light changed so I could keep my speed through it, and within a block I was blown past by that little 3 wheeled speed machine. So I know never to try and run away from one, though.

On to the matter at hand, the real ticket. I got a no plate ticket for $125 today. I tried explaining that I’m a student (I am!) and not a Washington resident (I’ve got Indiana Residency!) and that I was meeting all of Indiana’s requirements, but she wouldn’t have it, and gave me the ticket. I explained how the DOL wants me to get inspected by the state police in Bellview, which is at least a 3 hour moped ride, which also costs $75, and then take that info and then shell out more money for the plates. She said if I can get plates or get documented that I’m trying to get plates that I will likely have the fine reduced when I take it to court. So I’m going to a different DOL because the one in Ballard has a crazy lady who refuses to register mopeds without having them inspected. I’m going to give the one over in U-district a try tomorrow and get registered without having to get the inspection, which will hopefully get my ticket thrown out.

As for my other bikes, I’ve got a little plan hatching, I hope it works.


Josh said...

Sorry to hear about your ticket. Let me know how the registration stuff goes.

bbarrans said...

Where did you get the ticket?

Philip Patrie said...

Headed to the shop going up Stoneway. It was a traffic cop specifically, not just an on the beat police officer. She didn't seem interested in letting me try to wiggle out of the ticket.

bbarrans said...

hrm. I dont even know if I've ever seen a cop on Stone. I usually go past Stone to Wallingford Ave. It has less traffic, less lights and is less of an incline.

bbarrans said...

Also it's spelled BELLEVUE