Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Tickets Roudn 2

I went through some big hoops and spent nearly 2 days getting my bike registered and plated after last weeks $125 lesson. So I’m good and legit as far as plates are concerned now, and I’m riding down the street and pass a motorcycle cop shooting Radar. I feel solid, because I’m plated, not a single reason to stop me as far as I care. I look at him, he at me, and I realized I’m about to get pulled over. It’s got to be my Magnum, it just screams pull me over and hassle me.

Guess what my $124 ticket was for today?
No mirrors. I explained that law was only applicable to motorcycles and motor driven cycles, not mopeds, but he said a moped is a motor driven cycle, and wrote me up for SMC 11.57.100. He also claimed I needed a brake light in addition to a tail light, but didn’t write me up because he was “cutting me a break”. Anyway, after 5 minutes of searching after I got home, I find RCW 46.04.304 which clearly defines a moped as different than Motorcycle or Motor Driven Cycle, therefore not applicible to SMC 11.57.100 so I’m pretty sure my case is a slam dunk, but now I have to go to court twice. Lame!

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