Thursday, October 30, 2008

Fairing Pt 2

I have this desire to bang things out as quick as possible when I get really excited, so I ended up painting last night and although it isn't totally satisfactory, I wanted to see what it would look like on the bike. When I mocked it up, I didn't like the high bars with the fairing, so I've ordered some clubmans, but I'm not sure if I will end up putting them on. Once I fabbed up some brackets real quick with some aluminum flat stock, they were pretty easy make, just a small bend to kick the fairing mount points out away from the headlight a little. I also got some dome head allen screws in black, which fit the look nicely I'm going for. Now that the fairing is on, I'm very pleased with how it looks. The paint, although it could use another coat, matches my powder coat quite nicely. The whole reason for this fairing, aside from aesthetics, is so my GPS can ride all nice and protected from the elements, which it fits quite nicely underneath.


Josh said...

Looks very smart. black allen heads, a nice touch.

bbarrans said...

when you gonna come over with ur dremel?

fatwreck said...

I haven't been a huge fan of fairings, but I like the way this one looks. You should round off the corners of your aluminum brackets to get them a more finished look. I think the lower bars are a good call. Nice job, man.