Monday, April 7, 2008


  • Rebuilt E50 for Metra65
  • Visited Seattle
  • Re-jetted my Swinger1
  • Blog Updated
To Accomplish
  • Rebuild 2 more E50s and match to Metra65
  • Place 1 of those on my MKII to ride to Louisville on April 18th
  • Prep a Magnum for powder coat
  • Pick up my ZA50 from Devin
  • Cut & Weld my Estoril for angled exhaust port
  • Repair flat tire on the Swinger1
  • Replace defective speedometer on my 50v with a NOS.
  • Turn Green Maxi into rolling Chassis hopefully before Elkhart
  • Swap the MKII engine onto the Green maxi and install my ZA50 on the Magnum
I've got plenty on my plate right now! It's just so nice out! I've got a few days off this week, so I hope I can get some of this stuff wrapped up!

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