Saturday, April 26, 2008

WhisKY Business

Hola, Mi Amigos. Been a while since I've rapped at 'ya. This post is mostly about the Louisville Moped Rally, and all pictures are stolen from flickr. I just simply don't know how anyone could ever go to a moped rally and not have a good time. The Bourbon Bandit's rally in 07 was my first Rally experience, and it was amazing. I didn't know anyone, and I made a few friends, rode mopeds, and had a blast. The thing I didn't realize, as I headed off to Cincinnati for my 2nd ever moped rally, was that many of those people would be there. I was thinking to myself, "Hey, I'm not making new friends every city, I'm meeting old ones!" What a realization! The summer was spent traveling to different cities, and meeting old friends, making new ones and riding mopeds. Even for a guy who isn't big into partying, there is always something fun to do at a moped rally. I try to explain to people who don't know about rallies, and it usually goes something like this. "So you just ride mopeds the whole time?" "No, we do ride, and it is usually a major part, but mostly we just hang out." "And just talk about mopeds." "Some talk, but mostly, talk about other things and play games and just be friends." "Games?" "Yeah, like kick ball, or red rover, or climb trees, just do what ever with fun people." "Why do you have to drive 4 hours to do that?"

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