Wednesday, April 9, 2008


A problem arose today while working on an E50. I split it, pulled the bearings and seals, replaced all of them, and then matched the case to my Metra65 kit that I intend to ride to Louisville for the Rally. It's my best work to date, the case matches itself and the kit perfectly, yamabond goes on nicely, and I"m super stoked. I go to put on the cylinder, no problem, but when I start to tighten the head down, one of the studs keeps turning. Oh great. I have not a broken stud, but a stripped out stud hole. I think for a few minutes about trying to JBweld this lousy stud into the bike, and realize that JB Weld is always a bad idea. Think a little more, and remember that Tomos studs are 7mm and puch are 6mm. I look at the Metra, and the holes are large enough to accept the 7mm stud. They almost look like they are made for it. The stud doesn't clear the cylinder head though. No problem there. I get a drill bit the right size and drill out the head for the one stud, and then tap the case with a 7mm x 1.0 thread. I spin that bad boy stud in there and it tightens down more secure than any of the other 3. The cylinder slipped on easily and it all bolted up quite well. I was very satisfied and felt quite resourceful. I liked that stud so much that I might just go ahead and replace all of them with 7mm studs on the next engine I build. The motor is all together and Friday morning I'm going to put it on the MKII and put about 100 miles or so on it and get her ready for the trip to Louisville. Which, by my calculations is almost a week away. See you there! Or not!

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