Saturday, April 12, 2008

Head Games

The engine that I replaced the stud on is now bolted up to the MKII and it is running and riding. I've got a rich mix in the tank and the biggest bing jet I could find (94) in my stack of jets. I think I'm going to switch carbs from the 15mm to a 12mm bing just to choke it down a bit for break in. The gearing is waaaay to tall for break in. I've got a 16 on the front and a <38 on the rear. What ever the stock 2 speed gearing is on the back, I have it. It just doesn't pull while only trying to go 1/2 throttle. I found my way to the top of a hill, and rode down and then look out, the bike pulled quite well and ran 35+ at half throttle. So I either need to put a 14 up front or pull that rear sprocket and swap it for a 45 for the time being. I had to add washers to the chain tensioner to get the chain to fit correctly, I didn't want to cut it too short since this will have an 18tooth up front once the ZA50 gets back on it. Also, the threads in the cylinder head seem a little wonky. The spark plug screws in, but not all the way, and at a slight angle. However, there is no air leak around it, so it's fine for now. I will swap the head out, but I need to ensure I put one on that has the little decompression valve blocker on it, so I don't cause a massive air leak at my exhaust port.

Who that reads this is going to be at Whisky Business?

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