Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Well there's your problem right there

It's always nice when the problem presents itself in a very obvious fashion. Take for instance, this bearing, the cause of the nasty crunching sounds and refusal to turn over smoothly. A wirebrush to the crank to clean off the gunk, a new set of bearings and fresh seals make this bike pop to life. I love the feel of kicking over a bike with new seals, it just wants to run so badly you can feel it in the pedals.


scott said...

Phil, in your expert opinion, how often should seals be changed on a high-revving, harbinger of the apocalypse moped engine? I've been running my gila e50 for about 2500 miles without as much as popping off the jug, have an excuse to crack the case, thinking why not just install new seals while i'm at it. I feel like just cracking the engine might demand putting in new seals in itself.

Philip Patrie said...

I like to install new gaskets and seals once the motor starts to take a few turns of the pedals to get it to fire up instead of the first quarter kick. Sometimes that is one season, some times is several years. Seals are so cheap, its hard for me to not replace them.