Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Garelli Rally SL

I do love white wall tires. I would be lying to saymy motivation to acquire more Italian bikes didn't revolve around how good they look shod in 16" Sava whitewalls. On a side note, I live in Lafayette, home of Purdue University, and arch rival of Indiana University, who's colors are Crimson and Cream. I think I'm going to get hassled more than usual riding this around. I should also mention, having learned the proper method from Nate Bandit, I've successfully installed my first set of tires using only my hands. Savas were pretty easy, I'm sure I'll get a chance at some tougher ones.


Joel said...

hutchinsons are also very easy to install using only man-hands.

Graham Motzing said...

they are all easy if you make sure the bead on the side you put on first, is fully centered in the groove near the middle of the rim. work it around evenly with both hands and if absolutely necessary use a screwdriver for the last 2-3 inches.

you think moped tires are hard, try motorcycle tires.. way harder