Sunday, April 10, 2011


I picked up this little beauty last night, a wonderful little Tomos A3. In very good shape except for that it doesn't work. Previous owner said "I can build a V8, but this thing got past me." Well, after a quick inspection revealed no spark, no spark revealed oily points, which indicates bad seal. Just how bad? Watch this video.

Quite comical, if you spin the motor fast enough it sounds like the Absent Minded Professor's flying car. Too bad you can't make the bike work and keep that sound. At any rate, I'm going to order some new seals, a set of white walls, and call it a day!


EVAN said...

Baaad seal indeed. If the guy can build V8 and not be able to deductively reason the problem with a moped then Id say he is building motors from purely rote learning.

Anonymous said...
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