Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Rural King

My new favorite store here in Lafayette is called Rural King. It's the largest farm supply store I've ever been in. Farm supply stores have more in common with mopeds than most auto parts stores in my opinion. To begin with, there is always free popcorn to eat while you browse. Help your self. But don't let yourself into the cabinet below, as it is clearly labeled "Employee's only". Whatever is in there must be rare, it's the employee's only one. You can buy Grade 8 metric hardware from a bin by the pound. Yeah, by the pound. Since they are grade 8, they are also dyed red.

Pretty much any belt you could want.

A whole row of little mini-bikes. They retail for $350 I think.
They also carry every brand of oil that most mopeds call for. SAE 30w non-detergent, Type F. The also have 6v bulbs and the real cool penetrating oils that aren't found at auto parts stores.

If you ever come to visit, we are going to Rural King.

In more directly moped related news, I pulled a few Maxis into the basement and I'm disassembling them. I'm going to be rebuilding and powder coating them for sale this spring. I'm going to do 4 or 5 all together, I haven't decided which. I really enjoy disassembling these things. Putting them back together is even more fun once they are all pretty and new. New hardware, new cables, new tires, steel wool shined up chrome and polished clutch covers, new grips, just everything wonderfully new and carefully and cleanly installed together. My goal is to build 4 or 5 bikes that look nothing alike. Kind of tough, when they all start out as the exact same. We will see how it goes. Oh, plus I finally bought a moped with Cateye signals. They are complete, I just need to replace the battery. Not sure what bike I'll put them on.


Ian T said...

i still haven't managed to find a place where I can buy fasteners from a bin rather than in a prepackaged bag or box

Philip Patrie said...

There is nothing I hate more than buying one metric cap screw in a sealed plastic bag for .75$.

T.N. said...

those scooter things are silly looking.