Saturday, January 1, 2011

Fantic Motor Concord

Of my new recent moped additions, I've really enjoyed the Fantic Motor Concord Invader. It might make its way onto my keep list, we will find out. If it had a killer set of mag wheels, I think it would have to stay. Everyone likes Puch mopeds because they are like a blank slate, just waiting for customization. In my opinion, most Minarelli powered bikes are about as perfect as they come. Bianchi , Motron, Concord, Milani bikes are all pretty awesome.
Concord was starting to make some really awesome mopeds, it's such a shame that America refused mopeds after the 80's. Although it would be better for business if mopeds were widely accepted, it would remove some of the joy of discovering forgotten and neglected machines.


osik said...

I'm trying to find a carburetor for a Pepi Delux. I've read that it's almost identical to the Concord. I saw that the engine is a Minarelli. Any help appreciated!

77lesabre said...

I found a Concord Invader in my parents garage and would love to get it running, but I can not find a replacement chain for it locally. Do you know where I can find one?

Philip Patrie said...

@ Osik - The carburetor you need is a Dellorto 14:12 SHA. Probably the most common moped carburetor in the US. sells them new, or you can find one used.

@ 77lesabre - The invader uses a very standard moped chain, 415 width will work. You can sometimes find it at "powersports" type stores, some small kids dirbikes use it, or at tractor supply stores. If you want to order online, this is what you want. Be aware, with any chain you will have to shorten it to the correct length, by using a chain breaking tool or a dremel and a punch.