Friday, January 14, 2011

Another Bratload: PLUS WIN MONEY!

I picked 4 more bikes the other day, and these are in a bit worse running shape than the lasts load. At one point, all but one of these bikes belonged to me, and were sold off to college friends. At a point after I had left, the magic ran out of the mopeds and they stopped working. A friend of mine made it his job to go around and try to collect as many of these phil-powered mopeds as possible. I went and snagged them from him and will be attempting to put them back on the road, although several of them are missing vital components, and one is pretty well stripped down to not much, so it won't be just carb cleaning and new tires for these peds. Also, there is a contest associatedI will pay-pal $1 to the first person who correctly names (via comment) all 4 bikes pictured in the Brat. Good luck!


Brooks said...

Wow, this is pretty tuff. I'm pretty sure the first three are:
1. Gadabout
2. Batavus Bronco
3. Batavus VA
But the fourth one is really stumping me. I don't know what top tank has a rack like that.

Ian T said...

all four are motobecanes right?

カート said...

Those aren't mopeds. Those are pygmy goats. I will gladly accept my $1 in Sacajawea form, thank you.