Thursday, December 17, 2009

DeLuxe pt3

Check out my new website,

I've got myself a little business now and hopefully it will provide me opportunity to build some sweet mopeds. I can do bicycle frames, which will include a lot of fixies, car parts, wheels, small jobs and any manner of small to medium objects. I can do many different colors and special effects! Stay tuned to my other page as I add photographs of my work. If you are looking for powder coating in Seattle, give me a shout!


Ian T said...

good job on the website man, looks great

Josh said...

Pretty sweet! on some of the color samples, there's a white line down the middle... what's that about?

Philip Patrie said...

Those with the "two tone" looks are candy or translucent colors, so if you prefer the darker look, shoot it over bare metal. If you want the full color bright "pop" look, shoot it over a silver powder base.

Graham Motzing said...

Nice work!

I was wondering regaring the union, can i join?