Saturday, November 28, 2009

Derbi TT Variant

I came home for Thanksgiving to Nebraska, and had eye-balled craigslist for something to go look at, but all I could find was a nice set of AMF Roadmasters about two hours away. I decided I wasn't buying any mopeds this trip, and then my sister called me from an auction and said "Hey, there is a moped here". Nebraska never had any dealers other than Honda and the occasional Vespa, so I was expecting a Bravo or Hobbit, and I asked what kind it was, so she replied it says "DERBI" and I said "I'll be right there!" We said a lot. I had to stand around all day and wait for this thing to go on bid because there was no schedule for the auction, but after about 5 hours of standing, it was time to bid on "the yellow scooter". The bid started at $500, and no one made any noise, and I let the auctioneer get down to $75 before I made an offer, and then it was back and forth between me and some soccer mom. I scowled at her, and I think my tough wrangler flannel shirt showed that I wasn't an auction rookie, so she backed off and I got a heck of a good deal on it. It's a piston port, and it's all complete, including a very odd dealer extra, a Derbi sissy bar. Look at that! My first Derbi! I think this ones a keeper.