Monday, December 21, 2009

Brony Rigid

Responsible Jon's DeLuxe Powdercoat also does custom mopeds. Here is a Maxi N frame I'm working on for Mosquito Fleet member Tony. Yes, this is the rigid that will be racing MF member Dr. Voltron's Plan B racer in a high dollar grudge match. I've boxed up the swing arm to reinforce this little flimsy guy. A cross brace also stiffens the frame up for a colon jarring ride. The rectangle braces look so much better than those bolt in round bar jobs. The largest hurdle in this job was figuring out how to clear the gas cap with the brace. The notch has been boxed up on the inside as well, so no worries there. I should toss it back into the blast cabinet and have it shot sometime before Christmas.


Chuck said...

Pretty nice welds. Do they come with a max. mph warning decal?

craig said...

How much would you charge a Ghost Rider to do a similar job boxing in the rear frame section? That is impeccable work.