Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Gun Metal

Brony's frame fresh out' the oven. It's a gun metal gray, and it will get a clear coat tomorrow.
The gloss black 5 stars really stand out against this bike, I think it will look pretty killer if it gets some white decals, as suggested by Mr. Knarpsworth.


Josh said...

Now that's a handsome lad. The frame looks good too. Heyo!

-T said...

Still can't believe you had never eaten Tofu before. The frame looks even better in person. Good job P.H.I.L.

Ian T said...

Phil, your hair is getting LONG!

Ray said...

How much would it be to have the same crossbar and reinforcement done to my rigid? I would be shipping from Chicago.

Anonymous said...

Man that is a hella sick frame
Square stock ftw