Thursday, April 9, 2009

Za50 Shimming

Sadly, I'm reporting a hang up in the re-assembly of the ZA50. Having the new bushing made was necessary, but it seems to have messed up the end play float on my crank shaft. The crank is engaged when I try to push the bike backwards, meaning the crank is binding. So I don't think the bushing needs modified, but the crank does need to be re-shimmed. Sadly, I don't have the tools to do so, and I'm not sure of anyone in the Seattle area who does. I might just have to out source this one and mail the engine off to Motion Left Mopeds, the leader in ZA50 tech. Not a big deal, just hoping to slap it on and go, ya know?


Chuck said...

The sidewall of a Dr. Pepper can is easily trimed with a 13 in one orange handled scissor and is often the exact gauge necessary for such shimming.

Philip Patrie said...

While I do tend to enjoy Dr. Pepper shims, the tolerances on the Puch ZA50 engine need to be pretty to spec or else this happens

Philip Patrie said...

Although 13 in one orange handled scissors are the recommended factory tool for cutting shims.