Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Now with Pictures!

I washed the Magnum today, and it thanked me. It's been a long time since I've taken a bucket of soap and given it a good scrubbing. I almost forget the tank is metal flake it's so dirty, but now it glistens. The rear wheel was also more black than gold looking. Brake cleaner works wonders if your too lazy to scrub, just don't blast too much on your chain or else you will need to re-grease. I was running a Malossi red and black filter, but that got quickly soaked with the deluge of blowback that spews out of the carb. So I ran it without a filter last night, and it runs good. New filter on it today, the UNI is a faithful and easy breathing standby. I love feeling the power through first gear, when the pipe comes on it starts to pull hard and won't shift until you let up on the throttle. Then you get a small lul in second gear before you get back on the pipe which seems to be about the perfect cruising speed. What a sweet sounding exhaust, too by the way. I love that Homoet sound. For no particular reason, here is Matt Smith, pretending to have fallen from the sky.
Things to do yet:
  • Get 12v Regulator & Install CD (Thanks Treats)
  • New Tail light (Thanks QuarterKick)
  • Check end play tolerances and chaing oil in about 100 miles to see how that bushing is holding up (thanks Mr. Naz)


Ian T said...

yay, update!

The Speculaters said...

youre installing a CD Player?!?!? Sweet!!!