Saturday, April 4, 2009

ZA50 Bushing

As I reassembled my clutches, I realized there was lots of slop and play in the bell housing. I tried to convince myself it was okay, since the bellhousing rides mostly in the outer case bearing anyway, but I couldn't put it back together, and then after talking with Naz, who had a ZA50 apart to reference, we realized that my bushing was very worn. Curious why it would wear so much since the engine was rebuilt about a year ago, although I didn't inspect it at the time, so I don't know what it did look like. Since old Naz is a wizzard at all things lathe related, he is going to try turning out a few of those for me, and I'll be sure to snaps some nice pictures of them. I might also try some of my secret sources to see if I can track down some NOS bushings, because I'll bet these things take at least an hour of time to turn correctly, what with the flat spot, little teeth and oil holes.


Zack said...

i want one!

Zack said...

no I need one! Good job on the preventative maintenance, I didn't do this and mine broke lame!