Sunday, April 26, 2009


The Magnum80 is running now. Cruised around today for about 30 miles, working on setting the rings, it's starting to idle nicely, so that is a good indicator they are settling in. I still haven't wound it out, but it has torque, which is what I want. I've got a 19mm PHBG on it instead of the 21 that most people go with. This bike has basically been built very superficially. I wanted a Metra80 because that cylinder is perhaps the best looking one. I ditched the Estoril for an 8p because of it's sexy black lines and its sweet exhaust note. The bike sounds good, I'm excited to be riding a moped again that has some power to get out of its own way. I'll be shortly putting one of those new-fangled Hero-Puch CDI's on this bike, and get out your ear plugs, with that 12v of power, she will have one loud horn. I'll snap a few pics tomorrow.

By the way, WB2 was a riot, a great time, nice to meet some new friends and catch up with old ones. Rally rally rally, everyone.


bbarrans said...

the AD is ready for an RJ look over whenever you get a chance!

fatwreck said...

hook us up with some pictures!