Monday, October 19, 2009

Sachs 504

I've been working on a Sachs 504, so here are some pictures, so you don't think I'm dormant. I replaced the points and condenser, and this happened to be the convenient post type, rather than the solder type. Strangely enough, I do enjoy soldering, so I was a little disappointed. Here is the main drive that is responsible for the engine being locked up. The jug looks great, the crank bearings are nice and fresh, but this weird shaft bearing is locked up. It has little metal barrels, caged by a ring, so it's kind of like a giant needle bearing from the little end of a crankshaft. The manual I have says the big gear pulls off of the shaft, but mine refuses to budge with a large puller. I can't get in there to clean out the bearing and re-pack it, so it's time to find a used one. Anybody got one laying around?

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Anonymous said...

77 has a few 504 bottom ends that all came from seattle mopeds.