Sunday, October 11, 2009

14mm Puch Intake

I've got a 50cc TCCD kit and it happens to have a square intake port. I do kind of like square ports, I feel like they flow better than the round port brethren, if nothing else, they look bigger. Sadly, I didn't have any more 14mm square port stock intakes. I think the 14mm square ports puch OG intakes flow better than most of those 15mm intakes sold these days. But good ol' Joel had a 14mm round port intake for me. In this picture you can see the square port clearly outlined on it from being used on a square port cylinder with appropriate gasket. So a little bit of dremel, and presto, a square port intake. It's not quite as nice looking as a factory job, but let me get my hand file in there and give it another look in a bit.

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