Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Double Trouble!

I had to make the walk of shame last night with my Magnum. It soft seized on me about 2 miles from my house. I reached down and was able to turn the flywheel over by hand after a little convincing while I was still rolling down the street, but I pulled over to check it out anyway. The plug looked nice and dark, sparked beautiful blue. All head bolts snug, exhaust and intake nice and tight, and the carb was nicely jetted with no clog or foreign substances, but it just refused to start after that seize. So, I will pull the head and look to see if I have any ring left, I suppose.


I got up this morning and hopped on the AD at 6:45 am to go to work and found both my lights out. I went inside to get a battery light, but couldnt' find it, so I just rode residential streets in the dark to where I was going. Blew both bulbs. I wired in a voltage regulator, but its 12v and I'm still running 6v lights, so I dont' know if it will help, and 12v lights for the AD are about as hard to get as the 6v ones! ugh!

I <3 Mopeds though...


Josh said...

That sucks. I'd recommend a witch doctor, but the only ones I know are in Rhodesia.

the turd said...
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the turd said...

super lame, sorry dude beeter luck next piston eh?

Is you favorite book really the abolition of man by cs lewis, cuz if it is we might be better friends than I already thought we where?

Ps I might have you blast me e50 cases for some cash and a dr Pepper.

Peace Cholo