Saturday, August 1, 2009

ZA50 Clutch Trouble!

ZA50 from the Magnum went clunk a few months back, and it's been sitting. I drained it today and cracked it open. The oil looked clean, but something about one of the clutches seems off. Sadly, the only thing about the clutch that seems off is the fact that it doesn't work. I was unable to open the left handed nut that holds the rear shaft in place. I need to go clean out the shop so I can use the vice and actually torque on this thing instead of using my rear end to hold the engine while I push against myself.
In more successful news, I built an E50 and quickly put it on my wife's moped since her two speed also crapped out. I'm not having two speed luck recently, but her one speed is pulling pretty good and it should be solid enough for Portland which is only a week away. Look for me there, I'll be riding my Swinger1, catch me if you can.

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