Wednesday, August 26, 2009

External Fuel Sources

I've got a super rusted out Maxi tank, and while it isn't anything that is beyond a little acid bath, I need way to get the bike home. So I bungied on this Puch AD plastic fuel tank, and it worked pretty well. It got me thinking, it would be nice to have a small, plastic fuel container with fuel valve and hose that could carry between 1/2 and 1 gallons of gasoline, and could strap easily onto most mopeds. I've found some tanks that come close to what I want, but they all seem to be large and bulky. I just want something to carry a little fuel that could be used in rust tank bikes and also for servicing mopeds or what not, and would perhaps be very cheap. I might try my hand at making my own out of something or other.


Ian T said...

there are a lot of variations of this at bent bike that aren't too pricey

Griz said...

I am a fan of these

Bit less then a gallon, an odd shape but they are cheap, made of plastic and include fuelvalve and cap