Sunday, September 28, 2008

3 2 1 Contact!

My problem here is that my coil is ugly, and busy and awkward. I decided to hook myself up with a new internal ignition coil. Here I have a new condenser and points, so I decided to set myself up with a nice fresh ignition for this bad boy. When you install new points, make sure to grease both sides of the pivot pin and also the cam. The internal coil is slick. I've removed my tail lighting coils, since I've been running a battery tail light. I may put the running light coil back in eventually if I decide to run some kind of a moped taillight on here, but for now, simple is good. The Yellow is headlight, and the blue wire screws onto my condenser so I can ground it out as a kill switch. After a little shaving of the spark plug wire to get it to thread into the coil, I put the flywheel back on, set the timing, hooked up my subtle kill switch and now look at the finished product. Nice hot spark and no unsightly mess!


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you didn't make a blog about installing that pristine gilded taillight? jerk.