Thursday, July 24, 2008

I guess it stops!

Here are some pictures I would like to pretend people would be impressed by! Another plain maxi! I got my Dellorto19 put on the 65 Metra with one of those right angle intakes that Treats sells because I wanted to run side covers and didn't feel like having a huge intake sticking out. I replaced the crank with a Rito job and new guts from another bottom end I had, and it seems to be great. The rear clearance problems are gone (for now) and the tire misses the swing arm by nearly 1 cm on each side! The chain is tensioned, I replaced the front brake pads with new ones, and so I can even slow down! The old shoes were so worn out the cable was extended as far as it goes top and bottom, with no brake pull. I had to go the other way completely with the new shoes, so I have more than all my adjustment, because I had to drop the top adjusting nut so I could get the cable stop into the brake arm. It seems to be a little rich in the low end but just about right up top, so I'm happy with that.

Still left to do

  • Lower the seat
  • Rear set pegs
  • Remove switches? I like a clean look, but I want a brake light too, so I have to leave those wires
  • Ride at least another tank of gas to see if it wants to give me any trouble.
  • Bend my left crank arm out a bit more
Alright, this one is almost put to bed. I need to do a bit more work on my Swinger1 to get it Seattle ready.

I am also going to be in town the weekend of Blood Drive house hunting, so no rallying for me, sadly, but I will at least show up at the shop on Friday night and say Hello, and if someone can find a loaner for me, I'd love to ride along on Moped Monday.

took the bike for a ride and the axle nuts fell off both sides of the back wheel. I guess they weren't quite snug, huh? I can't believe it didn't come apart and kill me! Now I need a new motobecane axle nut. I hope it isn't a super rare thread like Puch wheels.


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hey, nice mags. looking good.

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that's me