Saturday, July 12, 2008

A 1978 Pooch Maxi!

The car show was today, and I entered the Green Maxi. The registration table wanted to put my moped in "Special Interest" when I filled out my form, but I asked to be in Foreign Motorcycle class because I wanted to compete with other cycles, not just low rider bicycles and wagons. I was approached by at least 2 dozen people while I was cleaning it and told them all more information than they wanted to hear about the bike, and in 100% of each and every conversation the phrase "...with $4 dollar a gallon gas..." was said by the other party, including several times by one fellow. I hate hearing that. At any rate, the judges were quite impressed with my bike, they didn't think it was a 78, they thought it was an 08 until I pointed it out on the Vin tag. I took first place :) Very satisfied. Take that!


bbarrans said...

nice work!

when are you moving to seattle?

come to Blood Drive 666!

Philip Patrie said...

I'm moving to Seattle in about 4 weeks, and I'm going to see what plans I can make to come a little early for Blood Drive!

deanhatesyou said...

come to blood drive! and that's awesome you took first! heck yeah!