Saturday, July 26, 2008

Aw nuts!

I picked up some 10mm x1.0 nuts on the cheap at the local Carquest, and they fit the motobecane axles nicely on my Puch. So I made some spacers and put a nut on the inside and outside of the swing arm, hopefully avoiding the whole wheel falling off thing. I only had one tensioner, so I made another out of an old cylinder stud and a washer. It's kind of ugly, but works pretty well. I think I'll just use it as is, it gives character to the bike. That's Bandit style right there.

As I was riding home on the wheel less trip, I naturally heard a lot of metal on metal noise, and it didn't all go away. I assumed it was coming from my clutch, so I took it all open and inspected it, nothing wonky there. I found that my flywheel was banging the case and wasn't snug up enough. I put the impact wrench on it and torqued it down and no problems. Runs really solid right now. I've got the 19mm PHBG on it and I'm running a "mystery" size jet. It was what was in the carb when I got it second hand, it has no markings on it at all, and looks to be somewhere between 75-85 based on the size of the hole. It runs real good, and this is the fastest Metra65 I've ever built (not that it means a whole lot!) so I'm going to continue to put miles on it, hoping for no more problems!

I also helped my friend Jay bore out his 10mm Minarelli intake to 12mm to match his 14:12, and we also acid cleaned his tank while we were doing the intake. His Motron is pulling about 35mmph (moped miles per hour) which means maybe 28-29, but he is ordering a 15:15 and I've got a Bullet pipe to put on there, so we are hoping for a real 35mph. That will be next weekend. Then the weekend after that, Seattle!

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