Monday, March 17, 2008

Something to write about

Dane and myself spent a few hours today working on peds. His HS50 got its lower forks installed, and the pedal assembly is back on. The front brake assembly was cleaned, cross hatched and re-installed. It's looking pretty good. I pulled all the bearings off an E50 crank and I'm going back to the shop tomorrow morning to put the new ones on, throw it in the 65metra matched case, add a little Yamahbond (the best!) and call it a rebuilt lower end. I might even do two depending on how quickly it goes.

In contemplation of a move to Seattle, (which seems to be quite popular these days) I am looking at Queen Anne or Georgetown as possibilities for affordable. I hope for a garage!


deanhatesyou said...

queen anne is actually one of the more expensive places in seattle! gtown is cheap, but far from moped land ballard..

eugene said...

Lower Queen Ann isn't that bad, oh and my apartment has like 3 rooms open.

bbarrans said...

Queen Anne is, for the most part, an overpriced big steep hill. Georgetown, is pretty far from most the action, and on the opposite side of the city. I'd look more towards North Seattle, such as Ballard, Fremont, Wallingford, Greenwood, Interbay, Greenlake. Capital Hill is pricey, crowded and full of hipsters. U-District is full of bro's, blockheads, and cops. Also don't go too far north in to Shoreline or Northgate.


Ian T said...

Thanks for the visit.
Good Times!!

P.S. Don't forget Ballard.