Saturday, March 1, 2008

The End and the Beginning

I got back from Elkhart on Tuesday with a new frame in hand, and my new red forks. I installed them onto the bike formerly known as Superman around here, and sprinkle in a dash of new tires, and she was sold as quick as I could deliver it to Indianapolis. So farewell, my nicest bike so far, and hello sexy green. The green is more pastel than the picture would have you believe, and the fender is more of a cream which matches the seat quite nicely. I am looking forward to putting this bike back together. This green bike is TimR's old gold frame from back in December.

I also dropped of my ZA50 from my MKII with Devin from Motion Left and it is being rebuilt with all the good stuff, including a roller crank being pressed in and being matched up to my 50cc Parma Cylinder, which was dropped off at the machinist to be ported and beveled and treated like a little 50cc queen. I'm going to cut and weld my old Estoril for the Magnum, and I do believe with just a 15mm bing that I ought to have plenty of scoot, but if not I can always go bigger. I would like to try a 17mm PHBG some time, they aren't readily available from my usual sources though.

I need to finish up building 3 E50's, I've got two I'm building for people and one for myself! It's supposed to be in the upper 40's tomorrow! Perhaps I'll take Swinger1 out for a blast!

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