Monday, December 31, 2007

Shim & Some

So with the head tube shortened, I needed a shim for the lower race, due to cutting off the original Peugeot pressed shim. I found some donor material laying around, and a few cuts with a snips had my shim made nicely for me. I feel like I should have used a more French beer, perhaps, but it was the only can I could find. I then painstakingly greased bearings and put them back into the races, and found that it is better to cut a little long than short, as I almost almost cut it too short, with the top of the head tube not quite poking through the top of the triple tree. However, with a little more wrenching and a tiny little little tap with a hammer I was able to get the top nut on a few threads and turn it down the rest of the way, and it still doesn't bind. I'm just glad I didn't have to cut it and re-weld again.

Now I have to figure out the best option to fit my Motobecane hub to the Peugeot brake stop on the forks. Perhaps I'll just toss a Lelu hub onto the wheel from a Peugeot rim, but I will be swapping this rim out for a 6 star mag, and I'm not sure if those hubs are interchangeable. Any advice?

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