Wednesday, December 26, 2007


I'm back from the in-laws after Christmas celebration, I was able to sneak into the garage and use some tools and accomplish something. I have had a set of 6 spoke Motobecane mags sitting around (actually, hanging from the rafters) and I have decided to go ahead and just get started on my Motobecane project. I had been waiting until I had all the parts I wanted, but who knows when that will be. Due to the insufficient funds coming in, I might have to wait until next winter to get all the cosmetics in place, but if I can ride it around this spring, that might motivate me some. At any rate, I dissassembled the mags, pulling the hubs all the way out, which was a bit of a process.
The mags were Gold, like in this picture, and the coating was corroded and flaking badly, plus they were super dirty and full of cob webs. At first glance, I though the hubs were held in with Allen screws, but I soon realized that the hubs were riveted in. So I had to drill out the rivets and then use a punch and hammer to drive the rivet out of its hole. It worked pretty well once I had a system down for it. The hubs have come out, and I doubt I will use rivets like the stock ones to re-attach them. Most likely I'll use nice new hardware with nuts and plenty of locktite. With the hubs out, I inspected the brakes. The pads are in decent shape, and the inside surface of the drums have a little rust, but nothing I can't fix with some light sanding. I'm going to replace the sealed bearings as well, both in the front and rear. I guess I'll have to find some kind of drift punch to push them out. Everett might have one that I can use, he does have all the other Motobecane tools.

The mags being hub free, I tossed them into the sand blaster, and with a methodic and systematic sweeping of the skat, I cleaned all the corrosion and coating off the rims. They look much better now, having been blasted down to a smooth finish. I blasted the rear sprocket too, I plan to take them all to the powder coater and have them shot in a nice black. Not flat, but not too glossy. We will see how the look. I am on the fence of coating the hubs. The black color is pretty good, and I'm not sure if the drums could avoid being coated which would mess up my braking, so I'll consult on that. These mags will grace my 40, mounted onto Peugeot forks up front. Not sold on what tire I'm going to use. I like Gazelles on my Magnum, but they seem almost too "off-road" for the look I'm going for on the 40. I suppose I might get some more Savas, I liked those tires on my Swinger and Maxi. Any recommendations on tire choices?


fatwreck said...

If the wheels are 17s, I vote for Michelin VM100s. They seem to be discontinued for 16s though. The tread is in between the gazelles and a pirelli road tire. PICTURE

Ian said...

Did you settle on what to do about powdercoating the wheels? I just got the same mags and want to sandblast and powdercoat them. I was also concerned about reducing my brake efficiency.