Thursday, December 20, 2007

Phil & Peds Excellent Ped-venture

I have begun a small moped venture. I will be powder coating and rebuilding Puch Maxi and Newport mopeds in my spare time as a way to gain experience with mopeds and to get a fix without having to keep every bike. Mostly, it has to do with filling my spare time, and doing something I enjoy. Once I'm done with this little venture, I will have the money from the sale of these bikes to enjoy on my own personal mopeds, plus the experience and skill having built several others. It is my goal to build 4 mopeds by spring. I've got the color combo's picked out for a few so far. This bike here is prepped and at the powder coaters ready to be shot. I will have it back at the start of the new year for re-assembly. In the mean time, I'm going through the engine for a mechanical restore. I'll post pictures of that when I get to it.

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