Monday, July 18, 2011

Lafayette Indiana's got a new moped gang

Meet Travis, one of the Lafayetis who has finally been converted from those silly tomos mopeds to the simplicity of the Puch E50. He kept bugging me about the black maxi frame in my basement, so I finally let him start to assemble it. He has been coming over and working for a few hours every couple days for the last week or two.

After a bit of guidance from me, some hard work, a bit of time, a lot of looking at his phone and staring off into space, he has finally rolled this bike out of the basement. A clean bike is all about cable management. It's got new bearings and seals on the stock crank, with a good #2 Aluminum cylinder & 14mm bing with a Jammy pipe.
The plan is to mill the head later and lighten the clutch a bit, but for now the idea is to just ride the bike around and enjoy it. Perhaps now he can finish a ride, or spend some real time trying to fix one of those Tomos mopeds that he has.

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