Monday, March 7, 2011

Saddle Bags part Deux

Last post I had sewed up some saddle bags. This post, I show the finished product. I took a little bit of left over plywood paneling, made a shell for the cover, stretched it over, drilled some holes, mounted some j hooks and a spring, and now I've got a sweet custom made saddle bag that fits excellent on the Derbi and just doesn't want to fall off. With the sissy bar on back, I'm about ready for my trip to Nashville. I need to finish up the other side with the mounts, but just imagine something very similar but on the other side. I'm quite pleased with myself and how these turned out. They cost about $8 to make, and a few hours worth of time. Much better than ammo cans. Ugh.


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Wadowski said...

Those look great RJ! Are you still planning on coming for a visit this month with Gabe? Was looking through my vespa wheels last night and thought of you...let me know.