Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New mopeds

Got this one today. Gems from the conversation include "When I saw JCPenny made a moped I didn't believe it, but it says right there, made in Australia." Apparently JCPenny and the land down under are a logical connection. "I've got another moped , the only one that was actually made by Harley Davidson." This was in reference to a $300 pep boys mini-bike with a plastic V-twin where the real motor would be and a Harley sticker on the front fender. This wonderful bike is of course, is a combination of those chopper bicycles, a Pinto, a second bicycle, galvanized conduit and plenty of diamond plate. "I didn't want to weld it together so I made it just bolt together."

Zoom in and enjoy the awesome chain tensioner for the drive train, and check out the front fork used to make a triangle in the rear.


Joel said...

wow, that thing is AWFUL. I'd like to see a shame-off between that and Brendans Shametropolitan.

Graham Motzing said...

you really ought to bring that to a rally.