Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Nashville TN: Deadpeds

Snow Pedding 2011 from Josh Duensing on Vimeo.

Long time blog readers might recall a night last winter or two ago when MF was visited by a Deadped, who rode along with us on the AD and managed to ride safely all night until he attempted to start it to go home. All that fun aside, the Deadpeds are hosting their 2nd rally, and it happens to be the same weekend as another event on the west coast. Since I've relocated, I'll be attending this rally, representing the MF and perhaps crashing a loaner as retribution. JKJK. Lose plans in the works to ride form Lousiville KY to Nashville. Looks like an excellent time, just don't bring a 1 speed bike! I'll be getting the Derbi re-shod with some good knobby tires for Hazard county roads and I am anticipating warm weather again. The forcast for this weekend even calls for high 30s! Huzza!

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Joel said...

wow! that's a great video. nice work dead peds