Friday, July 30, 2010

Swamp Hobbit parts / KStar Thread Repair

My race bike is just about ready for next weekends race, I'm holding out for some new tires, hopefully they will arrive in time! Some photos from the last few days of repairing things. Here is Joel's cylinder that I stripped the exhaust stud. Drilling and a quick Heli-coil has fixed this Athena thing-a-ma-bob.
After ensuring there were no more flammable gasses in the tank ....

I cut it open to try and patch some holes.
It was beyond saving, but I gave it a good try. These little buggers were too leaky and the metal was too thin to weld without melting it completely.

I've got another variator to use now on my daily rider hobbit. This one, amazingly, cleaned up.

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