Monday, July 26, 2010

Post Races

After a brief trip and day at the track, I've discovered many things. It is impossible for the bus to leave on time or get somewhere without making a wrong turn. It is also terribly enjoyable to drive the bus, probably the best part. It was also quite fun to jump 4 train tracks in a row with the bus at 40 mph and watch a little dog fly up into the air. We also used the PA to harass other motorists. The track was hot as always, and it sure feels good to take the first lap in you wet-with-sweat leathers, and let those vents suck air in and cool you off. I trashed the ring on my race hobbit, which could be due to the seize it experienced at BD7 when it was in trike mode.
I ended up racing on the Wizards Loan-mos, a $40 Tomos A35 with a 70cc Treats Cylinder, Dialem Side draft 15mm intake and 15mm bing, and a circuit pipe. No real magic, other than assembled by the Wizard of Naz. It was probably faster than my race hobbit, or about the same, as Jesse and I still got to battle one another neck and neck most of the heat races. Sadly, Jesse was trapped behind a stock Aprilia Scarabello thing that was on the track with us, and couldn't get around to race me during the races, so I ended up trying to catch Travis, who never ever though I was so close to him. We would come out of the final twistys and into the straight and I would be about 10 feet or so behind, a few moped lengths, and a hard distance to close, and then he would walk away in the straight, and I would reel him back in during the corners.
Since I didn't have Jesse to try and stay ahead of, and was instead, trying to run someone down who outclasses me in skill, intelligence and moped speed, I ended up getting confused as to which way I was supposed to race on the track. Or I low sided.
This regrettable accident caused me to experience something that only Travis knows about, and that is coming in DEAD LAST.

Next race is in two weeks, and there will be camping and all sorts of fun in Oregon! Hopefully I will have a running bike of my own engineering by then! Thanks to all who came out to the track! Lets go have some fun!

And also thanks to Jihee for pictures!

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Ian T said...

good post phil - making me homesick