Thursday, December 18, 2008

The new guy

Well, I managed to find myself a good deal on a Hobbit, and I'm quite excited. This seems to be a bit of a return to my first moped, which was an Express, but many things on the two bikes are very similar, including my favorite color, Yellow and White. It was titled and plated as well, which is nice, making for cheap transportation. I need to drag it up the elevator and into the house here so I can get it running, but somehow the idea of cleaning and inspecting the fuel system on the carpet sounds like a no-no. I might just have to work down in the underground parking lot. I may be selling off my Yellow Maxi to support my new hobbit. I've got two maxi's, plus I've gotten bored with the Maxi Taxi. I just don't know what else to do with it but ride, and I have to say that the enjoyment is about 75% build 25% ride for me these days. New pictures soon!


fatwreck said...

Post, but no pictures = lame.

I had a chance to ride with Justin Campbell down in FL and check out his Hobbit. That thing was pretty fast, but then again, that was before I really had a fast moped of my own, so my judgement was a little clouded.

Anyway, nice work. Definitely throw up some pictures.

Zack said...

race moped?

Josh said...

Boo! I wanted that Moped! Curses!