Sunday, February 5, 2012

Yeti in the New Year

After a nice 3 month break from working on mopeds, I'm back at it. A nice little vacation from fixing bikes left me with exactly one runner. I picked up two more Puchs at auction this January. One was a rigid free spirit, with which I have fallen into vibrat-y love. The full rigid is very enjoyable, and after removing the thick head gasket, upjet the stock 14mm bing and a proma pipe, it goes a screaming 33mph with killer low end, thanks to the 14x45 gearing. I've got a nice Demm Smiley tank to put on it as soon as the petcock arrives. This bike will be my rally backup, and guest rally loaner.

I spent some time working on Rickety Cricket, my freespirit with negrini tank. Got the hydraulic forks installed and the disc brake is ready to stop me. I'll finish the tank mounts soon, and begin to recover the seat. This bike should be blasting with a Kstar70cc kit and simo pipe.

The Derbi was coaxed back to life after the primary coil took a dump at bomb bourbon run. The pietcard cdi was pretty easy to install, although the timing didn't match up with the woodruff key, so I'm running sans key with the stator rotated about 45 deg clockwise. I had to hook up my timing light to get it at 1.8mm btdc. I might scoot it up a bit to 1.6mm, but for now it is working great.

The weather has been so warm that we have been riding bunches this January and February.
See you guys all in Nashville in a few more weeks!

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rob moen said...

Thank you good sir on the pietcard derbi tip. I've been scratching my head as to why I could only get it to backfire. Last night I gave it another go and after a bit of messing with stator / coils. I thought about looking to see if anyone else had this problem. After reading your post and removing the woodruff key, I eyeballed 1.8m btdc and the position you have in the pic and the bike runs! Not very well, but enough to hit it with the timing light. :) Thanks again for this post and your pic. It helped me a lot! I will check back again soon.