Monday, September 13, 2010

Mac Track #3 and Blowed up stuff

This weekend was quite a good time. IanT aka Dr. Doom is back in the colonies from Manchester. Since there was a race this weekend, I prompted him to dust off one of his many mopeds he had scattered to the wind when he left and come race. He did, and he earned 2nd place for himself. Not bad for his first time on the track. I'm constantly impressed by the speed that can be coaxed from 50cc of french power. It is unbelievable. To watch something with 39% more displacement get blasted by a high revving little french bike is mind blowing. Here are the two of us partying. I'm on top of Eric's house, Ian is looking at the ground, and it appears that travis' shadow is watching us.

3rd place went to me on account of the tracking beating up Gorilla and Lady Gorilla, Travis spending too much time watching the super motos, Naz inability to make the race, Jessee's pipe falling off and that's about it. If Joe would have showed up, I would have beat him too. I couldn't lose, since I found a $20 in the parking lot on the morning of the race. I knew I would podium, although I was hoping from pure finesse and not the misfortune of my friends.

ALSO - I am an idiot and did a huge wheelie on my bike practice day, accidentally. Then I proceded to smash the front end, taco the wheel, rebound, eject the wheel, then land on the forks. Thanks to Nate from Portland who loaned me a front end and wheel for the race!

That being said, here is my Metra80 cylinder, now officially retired after some obvious sounds of detonation on the way to MM the other night.


Graham Motzing said...

wow, that is some fantastic carnage

one of the finest bluings of a moped i've seen in a while.

o yea, congrats on 3rd place!

Joeped said...

Its nice to get third huh? Let everyone else break. Also The C-Word is unstoppable and Impossible to beat.

Anonymous said...

Do you still have that cylinder? I'm looking for some thrashed cylinders for a little casting project that I'm doing.

If you do and you want to sell it, can you email me at mopedgeek(at)yahoo(dot)com?