Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hero Puch 65cc

My Hero Puch has arrived, and it's got the neatest box of any cylinder I've ever bought. THE OCTAGON.
Well packed and secure, it was also coated with oil all over.
Interestingly enough, it's wrapped in a sweet plastic, encouraging you to insist on genuine Hero quality parts.
This cylinder shot shows that the casting is a bit goofy.
The cylinder studs are square to each other, but a bit wonky on the orientation to the ports. I'd say the whole cylinder is is probably 6 degrees off. Curious if it will have any trouble bolting up to my pipe.

The ports looks pretty good on the inside though, not too rough. I do like the boost port up top. Hard to imagine that Metra80 makes so much power without the port.


Joeped said...

Wow those studs do look goofy.

mike said...

did you ever get any further with this? I just got mine in today and it may be slightly off in the studs....like 1-2 degrees but nothing like yours.

Philip Patrie said...

I ended up getting another one that was in much better shape. It wasn't perfect, but went on fine and is running well. I still intend to use the wonky one some day.